The Psota Owls

Marie and I have been visiting the antique store in Jacksonville’s Riverside area of “5 points” for years, and for at least the last couple years we’ve seen this painting hanging in one of the back booths. It’s always had an allure to us for the folksy perfection – and of course the subject matter – but we’ve never stepped up and purchased it.

Oil on Canvas, by Gloria V. Psota
Untitled, by Gloria V. Psota (12×16, Oil on Canvas)

Yesterday, after our periodic ritual of Sunday brunch at Mossfire Grille we visited the antique mall and saw it hanging partially behind a bookcase. Determined to rescue it from damage or obscurity, we finally took it to the counter and bought it. It turns out this was painted on 12″x16″ project board by a local resident named Gloria V. Psota, who according to a Google search lived from August 8, 1908 to February 17, 2011 – 102 years!

The painting was done in February 1980, making Ms. Psota 71 years old at the time of the painting. It now has a treasured place in our home and hearts, and we are honored to own it and perhaps give it new life and appreciation. Just take a look at the picture and the skill it must have taken to make the eyes look like reflective marbles!

If this ever reaches anyone who knew or is perhaps related to Ms. Psota, we’d love to hear from you at the contact information on this site.

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