Book update

Ok, I just posted the initial draft of the Sparrows! Whew – 22 species accounts in that section took me awhile.

All I have left now are the Warblers (yeah, that’s “all”). However, as I’ve mentioned I spent all summer and much of the fall doing some deep research and accumulated a wealth of historical data – resulting in 538+ observations significant enough for me to load into eBird for posterity. I plan on doing that upload during an upcoming public eBird workshop I’m conducting in November at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

Then in October, I was given the honor of curating the local Audubon’s collection of Audubon Field Notes/American Birds, etc.; a collection spanning almost every volume from the mid 1940’s through about 2000. That gives me plenty of more material to dig through and try to find more observations to “weave back in” to the story.

The Collection

So, my plan is to get the warblers done, then circle back and update all the previous accounts with better historical details; in some cases I’ve uncovered information that will require a total revision of the species accounts (Red-cockaded Woodpecker and White-breasted Nuthatch to name two).

After that, it’s back to Locations!

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