A quick update

Well, I’ve finally finished weaving back all the historical records into the species narratives for everything I have data on, except the Warblers. I’m now going to focus on this last group and then all the species will be accounted for! I haven’t counted them up yet, but I know it’s over 375 individual species accounts.

I’ll be adding to the Warblers page routinely until it’s done. Then I plan on sweeping back through from the beginning to do the first pass at editing and proofreading. I also know I need to beef up many of the species accounts as I got a little lazy the first time around. I especially cheated the more locally common species, which is really a shame considering out of towners may not find them common where they’re from!

From there it’ll be back to Locations – I promise! I know some heavy hitters like Huguenot and Perdue Pond are missing.

Thanks for visiting and shoot me any feedback or ideas.


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