Huguenot Memorial Park Reopens!

We’ve all been anxiously waiting for Huguenot Memorial Park to reopen since the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. I was in Arizona when I saw the news that the park had reopened and it’s hard to believe that I was actually looking forward to leaving the Arizona birds behind to get back to Florida so I could visit Huguenot – but I found myself really jonesing! I got back into town around 3PM today and headed straight for Huguenot only to find the gates closed.

I did find out that they’re only open from 8AM to 4PM , with the gates closing at 3:30PM. I was also told that annual park pass holders will eventually get another pass that will serve as an extension for the missed months – so for example, my pass expires in March 2017, but I’ll get an extension for October – January…four months.

An updated park map is inset aboveĀ that shows the revised driving and pedestrian areas, and we are very strongly urged to use only 4 wheel drive vehicles in the sand areas.


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