Upland Sandpiper(!) M&M Dairy

This morning I found my fourth Upland Sandpiper in Duval County at M&M Dairy, which is the same location I’ve found 2 of the previous 3 (26 Mar 2013 and 8 Sep 2015). The species is rarely reported in NE FL and we are losing accessible habitat to even search for them. This is the first county report or record since 2015.

Upland Sandpiper. Jacksonville, FL (Duval County) 31 Mar 2019.

Before I get to the rest of the story, I wanted to share what NOT to do at M&M Dairy…parking in the street. I‘ve written before about how to bird this location and it doesn’t include parking on the curb of a busy road and blocking the bike lane completely. This kind of lazy, inconsiderate behavior causes problems for the rest of us and is so unnecessary, as there is an abundance of free parking available here.

How NOT to bird M&M Dairy. “Look, over there is a Great Egret. What, I just walked past an Upland Sandpiper?”

The funny part of this encounter is that not only did these two birders walk within 30 yards of the Upland and not see it, they pulled a U-turn as I was shooting the Upland from this same vantage point rather than ask me what I was looking at. To paraphrase Lennon, “Instant Kharma’s gonna get ya”.

As I mentioned, this is the third Upland I’ve found at this property over the years, and the first I’ve seen in Florida since 2015. The good news is that the field has been mowed recently, allowing me to see the bird. The bad news is they recently mowed it, likely to sell space for warehouses.

Recently mowed M&M Dairy.

Below is a picture of what the Upland might look like from a distance, using your binoculars. The field is very uneven and a foraging bird can disappear quite quickly. It takes patience and diligence to see and then to keep up with it.

Upland Sandpiper. M&M Dairy. Jacksonville, Florida.

I immediately called my buddy Dave Foster and he was able to make it to the location within ten minutes. What’s pretty cool is this is the same circumstance I first met Dave on March 27, 2013…looking at an Upland Sandpiper at M&M Dairy!

Here’s a couple more shots of the bird; in the one immediately below, the subject is checking out a kettle of vultures circling overhead.

Upland Sandpiper. M&M Dairy. Jacksonville, FL

And one more…look at that beautiful, scalloped back!

Upland Sandpiper. M&M Dairy. Jacksonville, FL.

In addition to the sandpiper, I saw two Bald Eagles, including one adult and this immature.

I also saw a number of Swamp Sparrows,

many Killdeer,

and a few chittering House Wrens.

So there you have it.

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  1. Cheri says:

    Nice find! I’ve seen a few in NE Colorado but always up on a fence post. They blend in well.

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