Glauczilla – King of the Gulls

Last Sunday, I walked the entire perimeter of Huguenot Memorial Park in Jacksonville with a local birder, Alta. We were looking for and discussing the possibility of a Lapland Longspur or Snow Bunting, since it was just about a year to the day since I found both there in 2018 over two days. We didn’t see one, but wouldn’t you know it – Mike C found a Lapland (or two?!) the next day. I was in Minnesota all week for work so was unable to try for it in the evenings and I got back to town around midnight last night. I was at the park by 7AM this morning, and walked up the river side to the jetties.

Within about 5 minutes of scanning the flock, I found this Glaucous Gull (or, as Marie and I like to call them, Glauczilla). I pointed it out to Dave and another birder, and we all got nice shots. This is my 12th observation of a Glaucous Gull in Duval County in the last ten years (2009-present). Almost all have come from Huguenot, and almost all of them are one-day wonders.

Glaucous Gull. Huguenot Memorial Park. 23 Nov 2019.

I continued to scan the flock in case there was an Iceland or Franklin’s, but did not see one. Nor did I detect any Purple Sandpipers, and of course no Surf Scoters (public nemesis number one). I did see this pod of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, which may be a treat for out of towners to see, but they’re a pretty common sight in the St. Johns River here.

Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. St. Johns River. Jacksonville, Florida.

I walked around the dunes to the Lapland spot and then up around the rim of the interior lagoon, but didn’t see much of interest. I did run into some other birders and was able to share the Glaucous sighting and they were able to go over and see the bird. On my way out, I finally met Voicu, a local birder that recently found and photographed a very rare-in-county Ash-throated Flycatcher at Little Talbot Island State Park.

On the way out, i walked right past this Great Blue Heron.

Great Blue Heron. Huguenot Memorial Park. Jacksonville, Florida.

I had to run home to catch up on chores, but may try for the ‘spur again this evening or tomorrow.

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