Day 0. Aug 21, 2020. Getting the RV. Gainesville to Jacksonville.

Today is “Day zero” for the westward migration. Cruise America wouldn’t let me rent a 25 foot RV from Jacksonville, but offered a 30 foot one from Gainesville. So, I had reserved that. Yesterday, they said the generator was broken and offered me a 25 footer instead… but still had to go to Gainesville. So, that’s what we did.

I do have RV parks reserved for each night with full hookups, but didn’t want the 30 footer with no generator. You don’t want to travel through the south into the desert in August with no power option if you need to “boondock”.

These are pictures of the RV when I got it home in Jacksonville, before “moving into it” for a week. Above is the dinette, which converts into a bed if you needed it to. It will serve as table, desk, and underneath…cat hideaway. We plan on putting a box underneath it to give them a place to hide. The cushions are pretty gross, so we’ll pull them off and cover them with some extra king sized pillow cases.

(Above) View of the galley, bed, fridge and freezer (right), and door to the master bathroom/spa. The galley has a 3 burner gas stove, which rattles like hell when you’re on the highway. I could do without the stove and won’t use it. We have a microwave above the stove there, and plan on using that.

(Above). View of the cabin looking back towards the cockpit. This RV has a powerful hot water heater, good sized freezer and fridge, and rooftop A/C you can see in the ceiling.

Above is the master suite. Full shower, but the shower head would fit someone just 4’8″ tall. The “throne”, however, is on a pedestal suitable for someone 7’4″ tall. My legs dangle off the floor a good foot when perched on this thing.

Here’s the rig sitting in our Jacksonville driveway. While we were loading it, several dear friends / neighbors stopped by to bid us farewell. We will miss them all, and can only hope for comparable neighbors in Carefree.

The vanity sink and medicine cabinet.

And the adventure begins!

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