Day 2. Gautier, MS to Katy, TX. 450 miles, 9 hours.

We woke up bright and early in Mississippi after a terrible night’s sleep. The bed was way too cramped for two adults and two stressed cats. Over breakfast, we decided to stop at a Walmart today to get a sheet and thin mattress pad for the space above the cab so we could each spread out.

We left Mississippi to text messages about pending storm surge from Marco and Laura, both tropical storms/ hurricanes headed for the Gulf Coast. We were out of Florida, but still being chased by hurricanes.

Pentax was getting more comfortable today, you can see him both in the area above our heads and in the little cubby under the jump seat behind the passenger seat. That cubby most certainly was designed for cats or small dogs.

The roads in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana along I-10 are among the worst I’ve ever seen. We didn’t get more than 5 miles of good pavement at any stretch all day… which made for a very long day of 67 mph in the rattle trap. The noise level in this hunk of junk was high, and I don’t think the tires have ever been balanced. There is no way an RV drives like this normally, because no one would ever buy one.

We arrived at Katy Lake RV Resort in the early afternoon and it was really awesome. This place was night and day above Santa Maria. Some of the spaces were actually covered under huge car ports, and every rig in the gated resort was well maintained. There was a clubhouse with Foosball (Marie beat me, despite the fact I was a “college champ” at FCCJ Kent Campus in 1992), a pool table, and a shaved ice machine. The tiled bathrooms and showers were nicer than most Sky Clubs I’ve been in.

There was a paved walkway around the pond, we walked it a few times and tallied Great-tailed Grackles, Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks, Green Herons, Great Egrets, and a few other species.

Above, you can see the lived in RV. Litter box, cat beds, and the toys all cater to the stressed cats. We did stop at Walmart, and I outfitted the upper bunk for sleeping. I dubbed it the “Falcons Nest”.

Dinner was pulled pork sandwiches. Smuckers (above) is licking her chops after doing a couple shots with me. Obviously I’m kidding, but the good news is she’s sitting next to me at dinner! Not as stressed out tonight.

Pentax is also more comfortable today and was getting all around the RV.

I almost forgot to mention…. at one gas stop, I grabbed a bunch of trash and tossed it out in the can. When we went to leave the pumps, I realized I had no keys. Turns out, I threw them in the trash! The good news is that they were on top and it only took me a few minutes to find them.

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