Day 3. Katy, TX to Fort Stockton, TX. 506 miles, 9 hours.

Today (August 24), we woke up in Katy and did a lap or two around the nice pond before getting breakfast (cereal for Marie, Pop Tarts for me). We hit the road around 8 and faced our longest mileage day – right at 500 miles.

The roads were MUCH better today, although they got bad just on the western side of San Antonio for a little bit. I found it interesting that even in this part of Texas, the highway had a hurricane evacuation lane that is only opened during an evacuation… yet Florida doesn’t have anything like it that I’ve seen.

We stopped at a roadside picnic area in Boerne, TX for lunch, where we killed the engine and turned on the all important generator for cooling and power. That’s a picture above of us at the picnic spot. The breaks are important for the cats, since that’s the only time they’ll drink and use the litter box. We saw one bird there, a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.

I also noted today that based on 1,300 miles so far, I’ve seen dozens and dozens of Trump 2020 signs and not a single Biden one. If this is a good sample measure of the south, the dems have some work to do.

After San Antonio, we discovered Buc-ee’s, a string of mega road side stores with all kinds of goodies. Visit one if you ever get the chance. Much of the afternoon was rough driving up and down hill country, but fortunately traffic was light. Exits and gas are very spaced out for hundreds of miles, so make sure you keep a half tank or more. Some of the “big country” views were breathtaking, like the one above.

We arrived at Fort Stockton RV park around 5pm, and finally felt like we were in the West. The air was hot, dry, the landscape a little barren, and we were greeted on the way in by Greater Roadrunner and Scaled Quail! The park is nice and we had full hookups and very good wi-fi.

The cats quickly settled in to relaxation mode (below), but we’re really hoping they don’t think this is their new permanent home.

The RV park has some “big country” views of its own. Look at that big butte!

For our friends in Shell Bay, we all know and love the manatee mailbox… but how about this one? A six-shooter mailbox. Classic! The HOA would allow it.

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