Over time, I’ll be updating this section with more information about the local birding hotspots.

In the meantime, enjoy the entries here – they are certain to improve your birding visit.

16th Ave S (Jacksonville Beach)

Arlington Ponds

Camp Milton Historic Preserve

Imeson Center

M&M Dairy

Perdue Pond Wildlife Area (Perdue Road Pond; Purdue Road Pond)

Reddie Point Preserve

Ribault Monument

Seaton Creek

Spoonbill Pond

Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park

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  1. Enjoyed reading this for the first time. Just moved twelve stories up in San Marco and watch daily flights right past my sliding doors of eagles, close enough to see their eyes and overall expression. Love it. Would love to attract smaller residents to my deck. Want to get involved in this more and welcome your publication. Thank you.

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