12 Day Big Year

Twelve Day Big Year – In 2014, several birders in the state participated in a Twelve Day Big Year competition that I believe was dreamed up by Eliot Schunke. The gist is that you preselect one day each month to go out a see as many birds as you can in that year. I followed along the competition via their posts and the Facebook page, all the while lamenting that I didn’t have the time or resources to dedicate to a state-wide competition like this. When the competition was announced for 2015, I was excited to see that new categories were available such as county and even eBird hotspots! Of course I was up for a new birding challenge in my home county of Duval and have been meaning to spend more time birding Nassau County, so this is just the motivation I needed to do so. The eBird hotspot category is also intriguing and I figured where better for me than Huguenot Memorial Park? In 2014, I made 111 visits there and recorded 140 species – I think 115 species is “do-able” over 12 carefully selected days there.

I don’t often blog about birding experiences here, but I really think having a good strategy for the 12DBY in Duval County fits right in with what the rest of this bird finder’s guide to the county is all about – determining the best places to visit and species to target in various months and seasons.

I hope you enjoy following along and find some of the information useful in your future birding adventures.

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