Happy Easter!

Marie and I decided to head out to Huguenot Memorial Park this morning for Easter sunrise. Strong winds have been coming out of the ENE for the last day or so, and temperatures dropped back into the low to mid 60’s. We were hoping to find some new birds at Huguenot but didn’t end up with any. Regardless, right now is a fantastic time to bird Huguenot with the variety of terns, gulls, and shorebirds (today we had 13 shorebird species). Marbled Godwit - 5 Apr 2015 Two Marbled Godwits put on quite a show this morning; they were joined by a nearby Whimbrel and pair of American Oystercatchers. The Black-bellied Plovers and Dunlin are starting to gain their marvelous spring plumages – speaking of which, we were treated to two late/remaining Bonaparte’s Gulls, one with a complete black hood. That’s not something we see everyday here in Florida!

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