Bird Guiding

Unlike other regions (like the western United States), most of our birding hotspots are easily accessible to any age group and information on seasonal occurrence and abundance is readily available. Most of the locations aren’t remote, don’t require special vehicles or driving skills, and are in close proximity to modern conveniences (restrooms and food). Therefore, you can have a very productive day based on a little information and a plan where you can set your own pace.

The last thing you’d want to do is spend $100-200 for a local “bird guide” here, so be careful if you’re asked to pay to be taken to what amounts to eBird hotspots chasing down recently reported birds. Moreso, please ask any such “guide” for a valid driver’s license, insurance, and business permit. There is one “guide” that has none of that, and any liability will be solely yours if you get hurt, caught trespassing, or in any traffic infraction. If someone charging you money for a service is unwilling to produce any of that, then you should reconsider engaging with them.

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