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Like many birders, I’ve been keeping journals, notes, lists, and ideas for many years. My intention has been to one day write a book called something like “A Birdwatcher’s Guide to Duval County, Florida”, and I will still pursue that dream along the way. In addition to gathering information on local hotspots and bird records, I’ve completed research on the history of birding in the area going back 100 years or more, and one day I’d like to compile that all into one book.

In the meantime, technology enables us to do wonderful things and I feel compelled to share the knowledge I have with anyone that is interested. I’ve had some great mentors over the years, and have learned much about the area – hot spots, abundance, occurrence, and the like. These are things that I feel you can’t really get just from looking at eBird reports, and I’m happy to share them with you.

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  1. Deborah Kainauskas says:

    Great information Kevin, following

  2. Pete Johnson says:

    Thanks for the M&M posts! Good Intel for CBC folks covering that area. I’ll be out there Sat!

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